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regularly updated , by Peter Scott

August 2007 (#173, #149, #419, #468))
June 2007 (#768 SOLD!, #138, #570, )
May 2007 (#123)
April 2007 (#339, #249, #795, #539, #768, #150?, #871, #853)
March 2007 (#170,  #839 :( , #211, #537, #837, #191, #249, #131, #402, #438, #464, #855, #867, #868, #871, #410)
Jan 2007 ( #601, #669, #410, #369, #443, #855, #867, #397).

873 Soarers were manufactured with Active Suspension - called the UZZ32's.
Table below lists chassis numbers (eg UZZ32 000101) and date

UZZ32 - 4.0GT

(active suspension)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1991 - 699 created 0001001   0001009 0001034 0001080 0001174 0001270 0001387 0001468 0001570 0001665 0001699
1992 - 91 created 0001710 0001717 0001736 0001749 0001758 0001766 0001777 0001780 0001784 0001786 0001788 0001791
1993 - 23 created 0001793 0001795   0001798 0001800 0001801 0001807 0001808 0001809 0001810 0001811 0001814
1994 - 33 created 0001817   0001821 0001826 0001833 0001838 0001842 0001845 0001846 0001849 0001852 0001857
1995 - 10 created     0001858 0001860   0001861 0001862 0001865     0001866 0001867
1996 - 6 created 0001868 0001870   0001871     0001873          


Owners List (got one? know where one is? - email me)

build date

build number



March 1991 22 green Dave Craig (London)
  32 green David Hart (NZ) Bilstein suspension
  34 34icon.jpg (15172 bytes)
John Chapman- Kingsbury, England. 34towbaricon.jpg (15436 bytes) 
He has fitted a towbar.
  49 green Ramsey Beydoun (Adelaide Aust)
April 1991 51 green John Wan (Sydney Aust)
  55 green Ian Taylor (Aust)
  65 65.JPG (31472 bytes)  


HOUNSLOW, Middlesex, United Kingdom (for sale, July 2006)

May 1991 86 green Ed Fitzgerald (Ireland)
  105 green PK Huang (UK)
  112 redicon.jpg (5315 bytes)  

Peter Taplin (Vic Aust)

Supercharged V8

  123 green John (UK)

18/5/07 Valerie  "Bikerval" Estabrook  (Norfolk  UK)

  131 1131.jpg (10056 bytes) Rob Hayden,  Melbourne Aust.

2007 Fully restored and sold to Michael Marchant in Melbourne. Showing 26262 kms but had a replacement Odometer.

  138 138icon.jpg (32906 bytes) Dan McColl (Vic Aust) His 1st rebuild Page 1 Page 2  Page 3  Page 4  Page 5

Crashed June 07 but will be rebuilt!

  148 green Sept 2007 Chris Morrison, Adelaide Australia
  149 149icon.jpg (26362 bytes) July 07 Aaron Mitchell (Perth, Western Australia)
  150 150.JPG (8021 bytes) Steve Marriott (Aust)

For sale on ebay April 2007 for $11 000


  151 yellow (was green) Irene McDonald (UK)
  161 161icon.jpg (11689 bytes) Ed Fitzgerald (Ireland)
  164 164.jpg (5382 bytes) Perry Morgan (Queensland Australia)
  166 166icon.jpg (28108 bytes) Ross Leyte. Vehicle imported in 2002 to Fremantle, Western
Australia. Now located in Rockingham, WA .
  170 green Greg Myers, Cardiff, Wales, UK

March 2007  Glynn Banks. Barnsley. South Yorkshire. England.

  172 172icon.jpg (11200 bytes) Pål Leraand (Norway
  173 173icon.jpg (33486 bytes) Vlad (Sydney Australia)
May 2007
Benjamin Slabak (Sydney Australia)
June 1991 182 green Heather Lee (Burntwood England)
  ?   RIP (UK, Steve Smith is wrecking it)
  191   Ed Fitzgerald (Ireland)

January 2007  Damon Hanson (see also #249), expat aussie (Republic of Ireland)

  192 192icon.jpg (9079 bytes) Robert Carlyon, Canberra Australia

  196 196icon.jpg (17012 bytes) Oct 05 repossessed

Sept 07 Richard, Adelaide Australia


  200 green Nandu Jayachandran (NSW Aust)
  202 green RIP (Cresta Qld is wrecking one)
  211 green Melissa  Adelaide Australia.
  218 218icon.jpg (8292 bytes)  218aicon.jpg (8468 bytes) 218Cicon.jpg (11666 bytes)

Looks pretty saggy in the arse. No grading. Zero start price. 10 000 yen will buy this car, but it's just not worth it - Robert Hayden, June 2005 Japan Auction

  223 green Neil Pettingill (Tas Aust)
  235 285icon.jpg (16627 bytes) Steve Latimer (Vic, Australia)
  249- RIP 249icon.jpg (7420 bytes) Ed Fitzgerald (Ireland)

January 2007  Damon Hanson (see also #191), expat aussie (Republic of Ireland)- now it's a parts car only

  263 burgandy Barry Rowe (Vic Aust)
  276 green B Johnson (UK)
July 1991 279 279icon.jpg (8849 bytes) Fumio Ohashi (Tokyo Japan)
  286 286icon.jpg (12300 bytes) Lynton Scale (Aust)
  298 green Greg Boschman (ACT Aust)
  312 312icon.jpg (8418 bytes)
312crashicon.jpg (17894 bytes)
Jan Heinrich (Newcastle Australia)

Driver ok, car now retired.

  336 336.jpg (11720 bytes) Mike Pynn (Adelaide, Aust)

previously Jarek Polak (Adelaide, Aust)

  337 337icon.jpg (6252 bytes) Dark metallic blue, cruising around Bristol UK and lovin' it.
Imported to UK 2005.

Andrew Whitelaw
Account Director, RTH Group
  339 339icon.jpg (6258 bytes) Owned since March 2006, Ian Hodgson, Surrey England. Running really well and plenty of fun.
  362 green Alan Dinsdale (Billericay, U.K.)
  369 369icon.jpg (7748 bytes) Adam Lonergan (Melbourne, Victoria) 1st owner in Oz Factory reversing camera Imported 88,000km now 110,000km (daily driver) Aftermarket wheels/exhaust Slowly being restored to as new (with improvements).
  375 green Peter Thorne (Tadcaster UK)
  376 Pearl White Satnam Sing (Melbourne Australia)
  371 white Barry dal Herbert (ACT Aust)
August 1991 387 387icon.jpg (6481 bytes) Jimi King (UK)

Sept '06  owned by Tony Stirton.  Swindon in Wiltshire, England.

  390 green Ian Kane (Perth Aust)
  397   Evelyn & Ross Gates.
Gates Aviation Pty. Ltd.

Purchased in 1999.
Kilometres, currently 91,000.

      John Batson (UK)
  ? green Steve Cheetham (Sydney Aust)
  402 402Ficon.jpg (4626 bytes) Japan Auction Sept 2005402Ricon.jpg (4694 bytes) 402Aicon.jpg (2734 bytes)

Now rated 4B, bought Rob Hayden June 05

March 2007 Daryl Demart in Longford, VIC. 113 kms

  ? blue Andy Richardson Supercharged (Melb Aust)
  410 410icon.jpg (13205 bytes) 410wheels1.jpg (85474 bytes)  

Bryan O’ Connor

London England.

Silver ’32 with 50,000klm when bought and has been totally restored.

March 2007 Now with 20 inch rims

  416 white Nick Barbeler (Brisbane Aust)
  419 Silver Gavin Rathbone, Leicestershire, UK - sold August 2007
  438 Green Imported by Rob Hayden and is now owned by Neel Bhattacharjee, Melbourne, VIC.
  ?   Emanuel Spinola (Queensland Aust)
  ?   Edward Engerer (Melbourne Aust)
August 1991 443 Imperial Jade Mica Paul Horwood (Vic Aust) currently for sale Dec 2006
17" ROH Adrenalin Shadow Chrome mags 235/45/17 Michelin Pilot tyres Rear view camera The only original options not included are Sun Roof and Seat Heaters all other options included.

All original or replaced/repaired original parts when needed Radio/TV has have Mark Paddick's treatment (the only non standard mod) The car is in very good condition, currently has 108,000km on the clock ( I have been the only Australian owner since 36,000km in 2002), has been regularly serviced by Crossover Car Conversions in VIC.

  445 445.jpg (13461 bytes) Nathan Richardson (Gold Coast, Queensland)
  446 dead Queensland wrecker Australia
  449 white Kim Heaver (Brisbane Aust)
  458 gold Brendon Watt (NSW Aust)
  459 459icon.jpg (8372 bytes) Rob Hayden (Vic, Australia)
  464 White imported by Rob Hayden in December 2006. Sold to Phillip Ryrie, Ballarat, VIC
  468 468icon.jpg (10193 bytes) Ray Nightingale, in Braintree, Essex UK (Ray has now gone to the USA)

Oct 2006, Rob Beynon (Wirral, UK)
Oct 15 2006, Roy Cullen Hailsham, East Sussex (Southeast England)
August 2007
Gavin Rathbone Leicestershire UK

  484 Silver Peter Taplin (Victoria, Australia)
September 1991 492 blue Bob Soulsby (Leicestershire UK)
  498 green (now black) Steve Smith (UK), now Mark Hallas (North England)
  510 510icon.jpg (22547 bytes)  

Michael Pearse, resides in Worcestershire, England. She has been dry stored this past 3 years, and is part of his collection of 5 Soarers (one of each model made). Silver in colour and 75,000 klm on the clock, and the pride of his collection.

  519 ? Karl DeWet (Sydney Aust)  
  520 520icon.jpg (14505 bytes) Dead in a Japanese wrecking yard.
  526 526icon.jpg (26447 bytes) Justin McLernon (Perth Australia)
  528 send a pic John John Wallace (West Sussex UK)
  533 533icon.jpg (10726 bytes) Nigel Thompson (Rutland, England)
  534 blue Bryan O'Conner (UK)

sold to Mohammed (Blackburn England Dec 2006)

  537 537.jpg (61801 bytes) Rod Leslie, Adelaide. Owned for 2 years, just passed 60 000 km
  539 539icon.jpg (15503 bytes) Jared Massie, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

April 07 for sale by Cameron Gnade, "$16 000  Full bomex kit. 18" Cabo rims. Twin 3" exhaust. Car is in imaculate condtion. Sunshine coast QLD 0413497829,Only prob with it sometimes the screen flickers."

  570 570icon.jpg (3222 bytes) Franks Bucket of bolts - Avoid!!!! (Melboune 2003)
Mark Paddick (ACT, Australia Dec 2006). Is Mark the only one on Earth who can repair g-sensors?

June07 Dan McColls parts car

October 1991 579 purple, was blue
579icon.jpg (14581 bytes)
Rob Hayden, C's Supercharged, Melbourne Aust.
  590 590icon.jpg (6231 bytes) Car yard, Japan, Aomori prefecture (390 000 yen)
  592   John Bunch,  England
  594 594icon.jpg (11029 bytes) Green, fully loaded. 52ks with books. One owner in Japan. New owner. Rob Hayden, Melbourne, Australia
  599 ? Bevan Vandersteen, Melbourne Australia
  601 Gold ’32 No. UZZ32 0001601 owner Eddie Hinkson, London
  607 607icon.jpg (19026 bytes) Going for Parts
in Japan Oct 2005607aicon.jpg (20352 bytes) Still on yahoo japan Nov 23 2005, 100 000yen
  612 blue Alex Dermedgoglou (Perth Aust)
  629 white Jon Batson (UK)
  631 green Richard Stevens (New Zealand)
  637 637icon.jpg (12954 bytes) Damian Ware (Melbourne Victoria) October 2006
  652 blue Lawrence Gameson (Burntwood England)
    green Chris Mehmet (Melb Aust)
  654 White Robert Baker (Grovedale, Vic)
  662 Gold Annette & Alan Hart (Rotherham England)
  663 663.jpg (6236 bytes) Planet Soarer's Peter Scott (Adelaide Aust)
  664 green Hamilton New Zealand,
November 1991 665 green Auction Japan, March 2003 - Jonathan Joseph(VIC)
  666 666icon.jpg (24246 bytes) Joelene Powell (Gold Coast)

146000km (Oct 2005), reversing camera, 18" Degeo wheels, colour code is 6M3, trim code is LA60. The active suspension has been reconditioned by MG Sportscar Specialists 14 Hinde St Ashmore on the Gold Coast.

  669 Green ’32 No. UZZ32 0001669 owner Eddie Hinkson, London
  670 670icon.jpg (12995 bytes) Steve Pointon, Sandhil Hotel, Isle of Wight

owned 670 for a couple of years now and apart from the new alloys she is totally original with the oem phone kit still installed.

December 1991 705 white Bill Byrnes (Sydney Aust)
Janurary 1992 712 green David Murphy (Bris. Aust)
  716 716aicon.jpg (19670 bytes) Grade 3.5C - Japan Auction Sept'05. This car is sitting so low - suspension failure?
February 1992 734 white Samuel Seow (Perth Aust)
March 1992 743 green Ranjit Hettiarachchi (London)
  746 green Kim Heaver, Airlie Beach, Queensland Australia
April 1992 756 white R.I.P (Ed Fitzgerald wrecking Ireland)
  772 RIP Being wrecked in Japan November 2006
  768 768htmlicon.jpg (9428 bytes) Tim Zhao (Eastlakes, NSW Australia) April 2007 for sale $18 900, 57 000 km. Everything stock
more pics and update:

June 2007 Phillip Wootton Manager P&A Auto Repairs. 148 Melbourne St. East Maitland. N.S.W. 2323.

August 1992 783   Paul Curtis (Aust)
  795 Pearl white Richard Rodgers Sydney, near Windsor,  Australia

89 000 km April 2007

April 1993 798 icon798.jpg (16539 bytes) Richard Cislowski, Sydney Australia

(Previously Kip Wightman, Sydney Australia)
  801 801icon.jpg (8945 bytes)
Andy Greenland South Wales, auk
  806 806.jpg (17600 bytes) #0001806 just sold at auction, dk green, grade 4, looks like a real good one at a nice price (thanks Phil Gibson)

Update: Tim Edwards car

July 1993 805 805icon.jpg (12442 bytes) Was on sale March 2005:

SOLD to Glenn Ellis, Queensland Australia.

March 1994 821 821bicon.jpg (20518 bytes) Dan, The Man, Newton (London UK)
March 1994 825 blue Russel Clarke (London UK)
  826 826icon.jpg (8021 bytes) Michael (Sydney, Australia)
  837 837.jpg (17243 bytes) Rob Hayden (Melbourne Australia). Japan Auction August 2006

1994 model fully loaded. Seats, snow pack, diff, roof, camera etc. Everything. Silver with spruce interior.

4.5 / B with 62 000 kms.

January 2007,  Jim Burrough ( Melbourne, Australia)

June 1994 838 838.jpg (36271 bytes) Carl Percival (Hertfordshire UK)
  839 red, black leather interior Zul Idris. Brunei. 7 months and 5k on suspension work, then ECU gets blown up when mechanic jump starts it !
October 1994 850 white Auction Japan, March 2003
November 1994 853 853icon.jpg (14305 bytes) Mario Lentini (Qld Aust)

April 2007  NO MORE BOUNCE , I have put the rear shocks from my 1991 32 in the car & that fixed the bounce .

  855 Black for sale Dec 2006 $21900 at Luxury and Performance Vehicles Bayswater Vic Australia (03 9720 6789). Sunroof, 114 710 km

March 2007 still for sale in Bayswater. Needs a total suspension build including valve body. Full repaint required. Black with black interior. Grade 2.5 /C in Rob Hayden's opinion. Contact UZZ32 specialist  Rob Hayden for further information

  856 white (soon to be black) Robert Van Reed (Tokyo and Gold Coast Australia)
March 1995 858 icon858.jpg (18665 bytes) Phillip Ryrie (Ballarat Aust)
  867 867.jpg (18382 bytes) For Sale $22 900 Dec 2006 Luxury and Performance Vechicles Bayswater Vic (03 9720 6789)

Jan 2007 Blue car and is owned by Roger Costello in Perth, WA.

Jan 1996 868 868aicon.jpg (15438 bytes) Colin Kirkpatrick (Sydney Australia). 868bicon.jpg (6159 bytes)868cicon.jpg (6703 bytes)868dicon.jpg (6689 bytes)

Jan 2007 now owned by Michael FIGG in Tasmania.

  871 Green March 2007. Has been located. Base model green car. No camera or wiper, or sun roof. 22900 kms. On it’s way to Australia.

Bought by Luxury & Performance Vehicles

Frank Wang
Luxury & Performance Vehicles
2/23 Scoresby Road
Bayswater Vic. 3153
Tel. 03 97206789

Contact UZZ32 specialist  Rob Hayden for further information


Other UZZ32 links from

iconregas.jpg (13468 bytes) May 2006

Fitting Schrader Valves to Soarer UZZ32 Active accumulators

Back in 2004 I regassed using needles. This time I wanted a solution that could be regassed without removing the shocks from the car. Looks like the accumulators have to be cut open, resealed and welded back up to make it worthwhile.

2dollartest.gif (34697 bytes) April 2006

Estimating nitrogen volume in Active UZZ32 shocks

High pressure nitrogen forces fluid from the bleed nipple from UZZ32 shocks - I looked at fluid volume expelled and flowrate to estimate good and bad nitrogen accumulators. (moive links fixed)

iconshock_apart.jpg (16094 bytes)

September 2005

Cutting open the UZZ32 Nitrogen Accumulator

Active Soarers have piston accumulators that leak nitrogen and cause the dreaded suspension bounce. Here's one cut open with the faulty o-ring exposed before being re-built. Perhaps all accumulators should be opened and re-sealed to make the job last.

nitorgenicon.jpg (49544 bytes) August 2004

Nitrogen recharge of Active Struts - My Active suspension used to be harsh and it bounced when it shouldn't. Now at last it's like new. I wish I had done this years ago!

PaperIcon.jpg (8984 bytes) January 2003

Active Suspension and Active 4 wheel Steer  A Toyota technical paper all about the UZZ32 Soarer. Read why it stops quicker, turns sharper and out handles every other Soarer.

fluidbleedicon.jpg (14516 bytes) February 2003

Bleeding the UZZ32 hydraulics   Changing the old suspension hydraulic fluid for new Toyota fluid for a smoother compliant ride and better handling. A successful suspension test is essential for a good bleed.

connectorIcon.jpg (11309 bytes) June 2003

Active Suspension Computer Diagnostics  Richard Ashcroft has a UZZ32 - after an alarm install the suspension wouldn't work! It was a loose plug! Here's the list of all the pinouts for the computer and range of standard values and problem locations.

engineDiagnosticIcon.jpg (11862 bytes) January 2003

Active Suspension Test Detailed instructions on how to make your UZZ32 dance in the driveway - great part trick and terrific for lifting the before an oil change.

U10icon.jpg (8681 bytes) October 2002

UZZ30 Owner drives the Active UZZ32  - Peter Kerwin, a UZZ30 (US spec SC400) owner, looks at both the UZZ30 and UZZ32, features, ride, cornering/handling and loud exhausts.

lg31.jpg (24468 bytes) February 2003

UZZ32 in a Magazine   Martin Donnon is HPI editor of HPI, he drives my UZZ32, order back issues too. Look carefully on the left hand side of the cover and you will see "ACTIVE SOARER" - that's the bit about my car. Back order issue number 31.

rearshock2icon.jpg (10335 bytes) February 2003

UZZ32 Active Shock rebuild   - $160 gets you the parts you need - not that complicated.

raceicon.jpg (7498 bytes) Race Pics - Gallery of Soarer Race Pics. Some wallpapers. More UZZ32 pics on the circuit


iconvideos.jpg (7388 bytes) The Active and Twin Turbo doing circle work in Japan.

back to Planet Soarer

toyotasoarer.jpg (36096 bytes)

350gif.gif (84395 bytes) 
Same speed, same corner - UZZ32 looks like it's just parked there but check the tortured tyres - it's really moving.

twocars.jpg (53385 bytes)


blown ecu.jpg (109424 bytes)

A mechanic jump started Zul's UZZ32 and destroyed the ECU.

uzz32soarerGT1991_gold3.jpg (63540 bytes)
Blank switch between TRC and Height is only distinguishing feature on a '32 without looking at mechanicals. Outside the car look for the rear steering rack above the diff, in the engine bay look for rubber shock boots that say Active and UZZ32 prefix on firewall chassis number.

To repair your '32 in the UK, contact Steve at

In Australia contact Neil Griffiths in NSW :

For general UZZ32 advice, especially Victorian 32's, contact Rob Hayden

ECT switch to POWER makes the suspension harder.

ECT switch to NORM makes the suspension softer. Noticeable during cornering

The special suspension fluid is available from Toyota:

Part number: 08886-01805

Reseal parts for struts cost about $165 per strut – available from Castle Hill Toyota NSW

Castle Hill Toyota in New South Wales Australia

speak to James Sloane in spare parts, tell him you came from planetsoarer to get the best prices - he is the Soarer guy. I went to Castle Hill because they post stuff cheap and they had already done the parts for the UZZ32 and knew what to get.

Ring toll free on 1800 111 388

phone 02 9680 2111

fax 02 9899 4320


2 Victoria Ave

Castle Hill 2154

Dual fanbelts available from Toyota



Air conditioning compressor (different to other V8’s) and other parts from Toyota ex – Japan – 10 days minimum. part number is 88320-24080, $858 brand new from Toyota Japan - amazing that they only built 873 UZZ32's and from 1991 and they still stock new parts! EPR valve is part number 88503-24050 and costs $671

compressor.jpg (20976 bytes)

new compressor at the back, EPR valve at the front. The Soarer aircond compressor doesn't turn off and on during operation - it turns the whole time, the EPR valve changes the load on the compressor - when it's cold enough inside the EPR doesn't circulate the gas anymore - reducing load on compressor.

Alternator is above power steering unit.

Power steering unit is bigger – does not leak like regular V8’s.

Things to look for:

  • Correct ride height all round
  • Dry, clean struts on outside.
  • Successful suspension test - see webpage
  • Smooth and quiet ride.
  • check the suspension fluid level - dipstick between airbox and guard.
  • Ride should be firmer than regular Soarer, steering will be lighter.
  • Should have hardley any body roll when changing lanes, no nose diving.
  • Will not get off the line as well as '31 - heavier and suspension pump takes power.
  • Will out drive any Soarer - should drive crisp and precise with great feel through wheel.
  • When parked move steering wheel half a turn from full lock and back - watch rear wheel - it should smoothly turn out then in.
  • No warnings on dash.
  • Do diagnostic test.
  • Make sure TRC light comes on Same for Active high light - takes time to lift car 15 mm only when move switch.
  • Car should be level and not too low.
  • Bushes will be stuffed at 90 000 km - cost $700 to get them replaced with genuine rubber. Front lower control arms. If it checks out then they last and are trouble free.

Turning circle is 9.8 m compared to 10.8 m for every other Soarer

90 kg (1780) heavier than airbag UZZ31 (1640) . UZZ30 is 1590, TT is 1560

11 l/100 km average fuel economy on cruise at 110 km/hr (26 mpg)

Diagnostic Test :(from Steve Cheetham)

Diagnostic codes

Put a wire between Tc and E1 terminals of the diagnostics port (under the bonnet, on top of the engine). Turn the key to ACC, look at the combi meter, (not the EMV) at the bottom, using the scroll button the car will scroll through testing each system. If there is a problem it will show the system name and N/G, at this point wait while it does more testing then it will show a number, possibly moreit will scroll through the error codes until it shows a solid block. Note down the system and the numbers. Hit the scroll button again to go to the next system.

Other method is to hold down the 'info' and 'audio' buttons and switch the ignition ON, ACC, ON, ACC.

To test the electric fan do the following:
Put a jumper from Ts to E1 and Tc to E1 on diagnostics port.
Start car
Toggle suspension switch, Norm->Hi->Norm->Hi->Norm within 3 seconds
The car will now test various sensors(not sure if you need to hit scroll button to advance) the last test is the electric fan will run for 1 minute.

Error Codes

TRC - 43 Malfunction in ABS or TRAC (brake) control system.

ABS - 51 Engine and ECT system malfunction.

Both of those messages point to a footnote, which says "If a malfunction is detected, the TRAC OFF indicator light lights up."
SUS 11 diagnostic code, it means the height control sensor of left front suspension may be mechanically or electrically damaged. (I think SUS 93 is also rear right sensor)

Pictures or the UZZ32 are on the Brochure or Catalog page - check here.