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December 2004

by Peter Scott

G’day from Adelaide Australia
I love hearing stories about your Soarer, no worries at all. Things you’ve done, things that worked, things that didn’t, what you think of the site, bad links etc – I read it all.
But I’m not always the best guy to ask questions from, I’m a bit slow with the emails and there are heaps of guys around the world that know more than me.
First of all check one of the many FAQ’s – frequently asked questions – about the Soarer:

Check the FAQs:
The Classic Steven Janda FAQ: (Australia)

ALSC forum FAQ list (Australia)

Richard Baird's Soarer FAQ (Australia)

Rob Andreacchio's Soarer FAQ (Australia)

Rich Wangs FAQ (USA)

Toyota Import Forum FAQ (UK)

Check the Forums:

In Australia I go to the Australian Lexus Soarer Club here:

My favourite place – The forum uses the Discus software – I prefer it, less repetitive signature blocks and it uses real names and gives previews of the messages. Check out the topics and use the search function. Fill out your profile, show that you’re are ridgy didge and putting the effort in and people will bend over backwards to help you.

In the UK I like the Toyota Imports Forum or TIF:

They have a great faults and fixes section, and a handy search function, sure you have to log in but if you want help, people are more willing to help you if you put the effort in – so join and log in.

In the USA Club Lexus have a great forum:

This link also goes to the SC section, the Soarer is sold in the USA as a left hand drive Lexus SC400. Again use the search button first – if you just ask a question that has been asked before then people just past the search link! People will help you out no worries – you just have to put the effort in and search first etc, help yourself and people will help you.

Another great site is in the USA:

If it’s a 1UZ-FE V8 question this is the place to go – check out the forum and all the tech articles – heaps to look at.
Again if you are doing stuff to your Soarer then yes let me know – I am interested! Have you ever considered submitting information to be hosted on It doesn’t have to be fancy – I mean check out the petrol smell page – very short. - has some ideas to get your started.
If you want to email me than please please please get rid of any virus on your system first. If you don’t know if you have a virus then you probably do have one. If you don’t think you have an email virus then you probably do have one. It’s only if you know for sure that you don’t have an email virus and you have eliminated them with an up to date virus checker that you won’t have one. Once my email address is in your address book a virus will send me several emails from other people in your address book and you will never know. So do something about it and be proactive about email virus. I have had old email addresses killed of by SPAM as well – 98% of my old email address was SPAM!
But please don’t hesitate to contact me. Here is my email address:

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My mate Deano suggested a yahoo account - he is the planetsoarer virus/spam protector guy - I have Norton scanning the account for spam regularly - and looks like yahoo do some free spam scanning as well - not like Telstra which wanted to charge for it.

so best regards and Happy Soaring!
Peter Scott

no “www” needed, and no “.au” at the end, just plain ol’ “”


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