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Original Soarer Sales Catalog Pictures, JZZ30/31, UZZ30/31/32

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June 2004

by Peter Scott

Rob Hayden (founder ALSC) has a large Soarer library. Lots of genuine Soarer catalogs, so I put on the white gloves and scanned a bunch of images that caught my interest. All the V8's and Twin Turbos are covered, interior shots, exterior shots, engine pics - I scanned the lot - some of them are very large at 600 kb - but for you the Soarer connoisseur it's all worth it. Luckily my service provider is a Soarer Diehard too (Peter Nitschke) - for some heavy traffic coming from this beauty. Most of the pics you will have to click on to view the super size image.
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Twin turbo manual interior - rare.

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UZZ31 Airbag V8 Luxury Limited. Note the three switches in front of auto selector - TRC, TEMS and Height. Only the UZZ31 has the three buttons.

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UZZ32 Active Suspension V8 Limited. Only the two switches - TRC and Height. Actives don't have TEMS - only TEMS Airbag V8's and TEMS coil over TT's.

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The expensive reversing camera - option on the Limited V8's with factory TV only. (I got one and it's great!)

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The LHD Lexus SC400.

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RHD Soarer V8 Limited

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Cutaway shot of the 1UZ-FE V8

If you think some of the previous photos were super size when clicked on, wait'll you see these classics! Print them on a poster and stick them in the pool room -  treat yourself! The following are the more the Arty Farty type shots that inspire us.

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Is the Soarer the best looking car ever made ever? The original and best.

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The mighty twin turbo manual

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UZZ31 Airbag V8

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Ok you UZZ31 Airbag owners - click on this, save it to disk, take to the digital print place and get it framed!

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Or maybe this UZZ31 Airbag V8 Limited is more your style?

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Close up of the V8 Limited's GPS system in action. Mine looked like this for months when I got the car direct from Japan and it scrolled as the car moved. Lot's of fun - not accurate - but great novelty value. It comes up with an error message now - I think it's asking me to do a three point turn to try and reset it or something - check George Kyling's manual on the EMV page (electrical).

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Breathtaking isn't it? Every UZZ32 owner should have one of these pics at the office and in the shed and in the lounge. This is the last UZZ32 ever made - the best of the best - the ultimate V8 luxury Coupe. UZZ32 owners don't sell their cars, they pre pay their funeral so that they will be buried in them. Only the Limited's came with factory tint green glass.

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The original UZZ32 with the Twin Turbo rims and brakes, no reversing camera (no spoiler see).

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Ok the best 'til last. The most technologically advanced car ever made with Active Suspension and Active 4WS etc etc - it blew the world away with it's specifications and price. This is an early model UZZ32 - only 873 ever made. Thanks to Mark Ribbans and Rob Andreacchio who spent hours removing the crease!


Well that's all folks. All the best photos I saw in all the catalogs. Hope you like them.

Peter Scott


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