alsc6.gif (1170 bytes) Dyno Day

Sample of all dyno graphs together

  1. Aaron's Soarer had a different gear ratio inputted from a previous dyno run - that's why his graph appears to be shifted to the right compared to everyone else's.

  2. The thin black line on Rob's yellow dyno line is my guess at where the car was heading before it suddenly went ultra rich - it was as if a switch was turned off/on. It was screaming up there when it just seemed to turn off - still getting to the bottom of it.

  3. The VVti single turbo Soarer was a manual and an absolute blast.

  4. kW at rear wheels on side and rpm on bottom axis

  5. The V8 doesn't respond much to exhaust or intake mods - the TT does - and you can then up the boost and you are cooking.

  6. The standard air filter is ok when new.

  7. Fuel does make a difference and oils are getting better every year - stick with full syn for the TT to cope with turbo heat. Change every 5000km - full syn oil will last longer - but your engine will contaminate the oil with blowby, condensation, fuel and Japanese oil sludge from its life in Japan - so change it to keep it clean - not because the oil is breaking down.

  8. If you are planning on getting a dyno done on a dynodynamics brand dyno you can now download a stock V8 or TT data file - this will save setup time and give you something to compare to.

StockV8nTTSoarer.gif (13048 bytes)

Here are two actual dyno runs showing a V8 and a TT with the same max power! BUT - it is easy to get a TT to 155 kW while on the V8 this would be much harder. Here are the dynodynamics data files for these two runs. You can download them, save to a disk, bring with you to your dyno dynamics dyno, load them up, plot your car on top and compare.

Stock V8 (4kb) : 608702.002

Stock TT (4kb): QUO773.004



1. Fuel and Oil   2. Custom Intake   3. Air Filters   4. Extractors  5. TTs and V8s (downloads)

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