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Custom Air Intake and K&N Pod filter


No that's not my intake or my car.
This polished aluminium intake with the big K&N pod arrived fresh from Japan as did the Soarer V8.
It looked great - everyone wanted it.

We tested it on two cars - a fresh stock V8 from Japan and a hotted up car with exhaust and MiNes ECU.

The results were disappointing - it hardly made a difference. The general consensus was that it had great sex appeal but that it was a load of bullshit! - no-one wants it now. It sure was loud though - great if you want induction noise. So it is mostly a dress up item only, with some extra noise to get noticed.

What's wrong with it?

  1. Sucks in hot air
  2. The adapter to the Air Flow Meter does not flow as well as the stock airbox - it is smaller than stock airbox and it doesn't have bellmouth to smooth flow like stock airbox.
  3. No resonator chamber. On TT and V8 the resonator chamber reduces noise. On the Naturally Aspirated V8 the resonator chamber fullfills one more function - it fills the cylinders with more air - A separate page is being developed on resonator chambers.
  4. No gain changing new stock filter anyway (see next page).

So fancy intake and K&N pod makes the car accelerate slower.

1. Fuel and Oil   2. Custom Intake   3. Air Filters   4. Extractors  5. TTs and V8s (downloads)

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