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Note: From August 2006 all sounds are now only available on the CD

NOTE: From Feb 2011 the sounds are back up - yay!  :)



Saturday 25th August 2001 (updated 27th October 2002 - new stuff at bottom)

V8 die hard exhaust enthusiasts may be interested in what the V8 Soarer sounds like as you remove the standard bits of the exhaust – I know I was. So as I dismantled my standard exhaust I whipped out the old tape recorder and recorded the exhaust in stereo. The car was in a shed with the roller door open. The tape recorder was 1 m behind the car level with the bumper in each case. The tape recorder has one of those auto level microphone types – so it turns up the record level when it’s quiet and turns it down when its loud. The disadvantage of this is that when the car is idling you hear the squeaky fan belt, when the engine is off you hear the open door chime, the exhaust clicking as it cools down ( I edited out my footsteps to and from the recorder and my comments about the chime – didn't think the microphone was that sensitive!), and when the exhaust gets real loud and the shed is filled with booming V8 pressure pulses that makes you think you are at a NASCAR race track the microphone turns down the record level so that it sounds like a boat. The loudness of all the samples is therefore about the same – only the tone changes. Perhaps I will digitally record them next time so that the comparative loudness is apparent but this is it for now. The sounds were converted to mono wav files and then converted to mp3 files. The sounds are stored on my website.  Stage 1 of my exhaust will be a single 3 inch pipe from the end of the front section to the back of the car replacing the middle and rear sections with/without a straight through muffler (all in mild steel). Then it will be looking at mass saving, flow difference and dyno readings before going to stage 2.

Standard exhaust (243 kb)


No rear mufflers (760 kb)

No rears.mp3

No rear or middle mufflers (796 kb)

no middle.mp3

No rear, no middle, no front section – just cats (814 kb)

cats only.mp3

No exhaust at all - just the manifolds with no cats.(602 kb)


I replaced the middle mufflers and rear mufflers with a single 2.5 inch pipe and one Lukey 2.5 inch straight through muffler. (137kb)

2.5 inch single.mp3

Dynamic on road recordings;

Dynamic V8.mp3 - (39 kb) taking off in the V8 with single system. Recorder was tied to rear licence plate position.

Dynamic V8 2.mp3 - (222 kb) longer file , some overrun crackle.

bullshit mate.mp3 - (33 kb) Clym and I discussing what the cops would say if they pulled us over with the recorder attached to where the licence plate should be. We usually get pulled over by the cops since the car has no plates. That's Clym opening the conversation.

The first time we got pulled over was rolling down a Mountain with no fuel. Cops are always nice though - we talk about car stuff etc. I am used to it now.
Ran out of petrol going down the mountain to the nearest servo that has Mobil 8000. The Active with no engine power is no fun! The car started bouncing like a pogo stick over bumps with no Active suspension power, the steering was real stiff and the brakes! - my leg was cramping pressing so hard! We are half way down with my mate freewheeling at night and cops pass us going the other way. They turn around and follow us (no plates see..).
I am trying to roll into the servo about 4 km away - I have done it before.
Anyway cop pulls us over on a flat part _ NOOOOOOooo!
Show him the permit and no sweat we get to talking about cars n stuff. The car starts because it is on a flat. I have explained the whole thing to the cop. He offers a lift to the servo to get petrol and everything.
He says he can escort us down to make sure we make it. The car starts rolling again and it stalls so its free wheel time again. The cop says over the megaphone that he will follow us - it is real loud in the car. His red and blue lights are flashing as he follows us down! The lights at the bottom of the mountain are green so we roll through and do an illegal right U-turn and bump and squeal into servo - made it!
Cop Whoop-whoops the siren, gives us the thumbs up and leaves! cool!

Second time the cops talked about car prices, said mine was an excellent buy - he was looking to buy one too.

What do exhaust mods sound like inside the car? (All sound recordings inside car have been deleted!)

These sounds are back in full stereo;

uphillOutSide.mp3 - (208 kb) Stereo ! Drive by in Soarer, single 2.5 inch exhaust, in one speaker and out the other - turn it up!

downhillOutSide.mp3 - (125 kb) My favourite! Now it's back the other way, get that full stereo sound as Soarer roars past inches from your face! Yeah Baby!!

10 Soarer Driveby.mp3 (612kb) At the Adelaide meet on February 2002 we had 10 Soarers line up for a driveby. Some are V8's, some are inline 6 cylinder 2500 cc twin turbos. Some have stock exhausts, some modded. Can you pick which Soarers are the V8's and which are the TT's?

9th June 2002

With and without RUSH Extractors:

I  was going to make these files smaller as they were getting quite large - but stuff it! - much more enjoyable to listen to when they are good quality - and lots of people have fast connections (I don't) and DieHards don't mind waiting. And let's face it - if you are even considering downloading these then you are a DieHard and want quality. Ever tried to explain people at work that you download exhaust sounds over the net? Try telling people that you have a website and the most popular page is exhaust sounds! I remember one guy at Deakin University was incredulous when I told him he didn't clean his tyres - he had polished his car but hadn't touched the tyres - he thought it was amazing that I would even suggest such a thing (the sidewalls, not the tread - although nothing wrong with cleaning the tread!) - so some people definitely aren't DieHards, unlike you.

detailed recording instructions.mp3 (90 kB) When you get anyone to help you do media recordings it is important to give them clear instructions exactly outlining what you want done to get the best results. Here I am giving Aaron comprehensive training in the art of V8 exhaust recording. Most of you will remember what went wrong in The Battered Sav with my brother Andrew!

Aaron Extractors rev 1.mp3 (472 kB) A good rev of Aaron's car - he has extractors, 2.5 inch mild steel pipe, dual cats, custom x-pipe, dual glass pack bullet mufflers, dual Magnaflow (centre outlet) stainless mufflers.

Aaron Extractors rev 2.mp3 (463 kB) You can hear the V8 pluses very clearly here - Aaron comments on what it's like to stand behind you car when PG (me) gives it the berries. Compare to the lack of defined pulses on my similar exhaust with no extractors. See pictures of Aaron's exhaust and see the before and after dyno on the ALSC dynoday exhaust page.

Pete's exhaust cam rev 1.mp3 (225 kB). Right after we finished Aaron's we walked down the road to my car - notice the lack of exhaust pulse down low without the headers. I have new exhaust cams, 2.5 inch mild steel pipes, dual cats (bigger than Aarons), stamped stainless x-pipe from US (Magnaflow) and dual Lukey mufflers.

Sounds from backseat.mp3 (96 kB) Tape recorder on backseat - this is what full throttle acceleration sounds like.

Pete's car  dyno.mp3 (760 kB) Dyno dynamics dyno - here is one power run (130 kW at the wheels today)

Aaron's car dyno.mp3 (795 kB) Three days later we put Aaron's car on the same dyno.

Best car I ever heard on the dyno was Rob Haydens - no sound yet - I'll get it next time.

Tuesday 8th September 2002 update - My V8 now has Terry's Headers installed.

V8takeoffeagle.mp3 (270 kB) My new exhaust with headers, big cats, x-pipe, 2.5 inch dual mild steel custom pipework and Lukey (Dynomax) Ultraflow straight through muffers. See all the pics of the exhaust on the V8 Exhaust page.

Deep gentle Rev.mp3 (32kb) Giving the V8 a gentle rev - smooth deep and great pulse division.

Crackle rev.mp3 (46kb) More aggressive V8 rev - bit of a crackle on lift off.

Some Adelaide II meet tracks (lower quality)

Mr Woofly.mp3 (236kb) my hill climb attempt with commentary by several famous celebrities.

WayneTTrun.mp3 (77 kB) At the Adelaide II meet Wayne had the fastest car - here is his Twin Turbo 2.5 litre Soarer taking off

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