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update December 2005

contact Neil Griffiths on
(02) 6284 3111 - that's in NSW Australia
Location: 1/48 Aurora Ave Queanbeyan NSW 2620
Postal address: PO BOX 1510 Queanbeyan NSW 2620

click to enlarge Four into one - good, Equal length - good, Tuned length? - unkown. Look like a nice bend as well. This is from a Lamborghini Kit car in Australia - doubt they will fit a Soarer.
click to enlarge From the classic LS400 ad from the early 1990's - emphasis on engineering and testing. You can see the standard headers glowing red hot. These are supposed to flow quite well and are hard to improve on. See other standard header photos down below.
click to enlarge Here is the view looking at the end of the manifold from under the car - this is what you see when you take the cats off to get a sound recording! Notice the oxygen sensor sticking up and taking up all the room. The first hole you see immediately above and in front of the sensor - It is some sort of blanking plate on the outside. The manifold is 2.5 inches at the exit to go into the cat but is so much smaller upstream as you can see.

Headers for your Soarer made in Australia

Here are some more pictures of Tex's headers from Sydney. Aaron Elliot (ALSC) has fitted them and has done another dyno run. See Aaron's first dyno run on the home page. Updated dyno run on the ALSC dyno page. Sound great too - see exhaust sounds page.

Yes Terry has sent them to New Zealand, USA ($770 US to your door all up including ceramic coating someone worked out - see thread on ClubLexus), and could send them to England too.

They are available for $610 set + $360 if you want them Jet Coated to reduce under bonnet temperatures (check with Terry for current prices.)

Contact Terry (mob) 0403 188 345. Tex prefers phone calls because he can't type fast!


click to enlarge The standard and new headers together. My understanding from Terry is that the min internal diameter is has a 31mm restriction in the original header. The new are mandrel bent, min 41mm. At the collector 40mm old, 62mm new. Here the extractors are painted with heat proof paint only.
click to enlarge  The headers are the classic four into two into 1 design. (4-2-1 or Double Y). Technically they are not Extractors because they are not a tuned length four into one design. So they should be called headers. They will reduce back pressure and probably will have some extractor effect. The biggest difference is the increase in minimum diameter. Everytime I fitted headers to my old V8's the exhaust sound was more pleasant as well - better definition of the pulses.
click to enlarge  Nice smooth bends. Also notice on previous photo the oxygen sensor will bolt straight in as well as the temperature sensors (albeit they are now in front of the cat - not behind).
click to enlarge Since money is no object for successfull IT career men, Aaron went for the optional JetHot coating to reduce underbonnet temperatures. Don't they look fantastic? You really want a spare set to hang on the shed wall (have you sent in the YOUR pic for The Pool Room yet?) just so you can see them!
click to enlage The outlet.
click to enlarge   more pics
click to enlarge the inlet
standard_tn.jpg (4856 bytes) Compare to the standard manifold - look how the last cylinder enters the exhaust at 90 degrees.

I have some in my shed (June 2002) - hope to fit next week.

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