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August 2006, by Peter Scott

Russia's fastest RWD car is a SOARER - and it's Denis's !

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February 2003

From Russia With Love  In Vladivostok they drag twin turbo Soarers in the sunshine - well Denis Belikov does!

augusticon.jpg (18188 bytes) August 2004

Mr August - The planetsoarer dude for August is Denis Belikov (Russia)!

denisicon.jpg (7671 bytes) September 2004

Pretty Girls, Vodka and not much snow.....

Denis is back with a new paint job and new engine/driveline combo for season 2004.


It has been long time since we communicated last time. Well, I've got 
updates: my soarer is still red, but that is probably the only thing
remained untouchable. Here is a brief list of current specs:

Engine 2jz-gte
- Eagle H-beam rods
- JE 86,5mm pistons
- Grex 1,6mm metal head gasket
- HKS 272' 9,25mm camshafts
- Ferrea valves
- Ferrea double valve springs, titanium retainers
- ARP main and head studs
- BL crank damper
- Greddy intake manifold
- Nissan 90mm throttle
- Greddy T88H-38GK turbo
- Nitrous Express direct port system

- Blitz LM intercooler
- Grex oil cooler
- Koyo 3row radiator

- 6mt supra's transmission
- ATS 3-plate carbon clutch (with optional flywheel and pressure plate
carbon coating)
- ACPT custom carbon driveshaft
- ATS carbon LSD

- twin in-tank walbro's
- two Aeromotive A1000 pumps
- HKS fuel rail
- HKS 1000cc injectors
- Aeromotive FPR

- AEM 5bar map
- AEM EGT sensor
- AEM wideband
- Aeromotive fuel pump controller
- HKS TwinPower DLI

Brakes, suspension, wheels, tires:
- Grex 6pot front
- Grex 4pot rear
- HKS Hypermax Performers
- AVS Model T7
- Advan A048, 245/40R18 front, 295/30R18 rear

Interior, exterior
- Bride Gias carbon seats
- bomex aerokit
- varis carbon hood
- wide-body conversion

Current setup is more for road racing, but I still managed to win my 
in major drag battle event in Russia lately - soarer is officially the
fastest RWD car here now. Still, I'm third overall - it's really hard 
fight against AWD Skyline GTR's built exclusively for quarter mile. 
But, no
regrets here - you can call soarer "everyday car" without any doubts, 
really enjoying driving this car on streets. I do have some thoughts 
building drag soarer for the next year competitions, but this will be
absolutely new project from scratch.

Attached you will find some pictures of it. More pictures (from Drag 
there're tons of really great photos there) you can find here:

Best wishes,

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Thanks Denis - looks bloody great mate, well done.

Peter Scott