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August 2005

by Peter Scott

I remember when this model GTech was very expensive - I wished I had one back then but made do with a stopwatch on the steering wheel.

Now this old model is available from Sydney Australia for $45. I got mine on  Here's an example - heaps for sale. Postage was cheap and it arrived in just days.

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It still does all the things like:

* 0 to 60 mph time(0-100km)
* 1/4 mile elapsed time (E.T.)
* 1/4 mile trap speed(400m)
* Instantaneous lateral acceleration (G s)
* Sustained lateral acceleration (G s)
* 60 mph braking distance
* Instantaneous braking Gs
* Sustained braking Gs
* Horsepower

It has a g-sensor that measures acceleration and after inputting the accurate weight of the car, it uses the old high school physics formula to estimate horsepower at the wheels. Similarly it measures acceleration to estimate distance travelled. Could be handy tool for measuring mods to the car before and after. Directions are in English too and easy to understand compared to the Apexi directions.

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Doesn't have the fancy graphing functions like the newer $300 ones:

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The graphing function would be great on the track - but what the hang, this will do for now.

The old one is still available for $140 US - so I reckon $45 Aud or $34 US is a safe bet.

I want to measure cornering g force coming on to the straight at Phillip Island racetrack, and then me and Peter Nitschke may head out for some brake testing - 5 stops 100-0 kph in a row should give us some good data.


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