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Update March 2003

Finally got the RSM to work tonight. The Japanese manual was wrong. The English pdf was wrong. I tried step by step, one thing at a time trying to beat the speed cut. Wasn't so hard in the end - but is was

Still not fully tested - but on road it sailed past 178 in third, flat to floor no worries and still pulling hard. Haven't seen change to 4th yet. At 184 km/hr it was still accelerating in 3rd - getting very close to change point. Need a longer closed road to do that. Dash speedo jams at 180, need to see meter for speed after that. Meter records highest speed and rpm - handy. The Unit looks better than in photos - has nice smokey chrome finish.
On jacks the car redlined at 284 km/hr - about 6490 rpm.
For the V8 I used T7-c and T7-a from Japanese manual that came with meter. Nearly same as T2 in English pdf - the only difference is the Japanese state to use the ECM earth rather than the sensor earth - a different pin.

Still didn't work. The speed cut lifter was set at the 180 setting.
Then I used the MODE button and the SELECT button to enter the mystery setup option not even in the English version. It comes after the tyre size option and is on page 29 of Japanese manual. Set this to 108 and magically it all starts to work.

I got sick of driving out to see if speed cut worked - so I did it in driveway with rear suspension on blocks. Still wouldn't go past 178 just like on the road.

Both speed SP2 signals from Auto and vehicle speed signals need to be addressed. Use the Aristo JZS147, Soarer JZZ30 wiring diagram, option three on English pdf.
The suggested wiring diagram in Japanese manual is wrong.

The pinout diagram in English pdf is wrong. T1 doesn't have auto SP signals covered and the engine rpm (4th pin) is inaccurate compared to the third pin of T2. I didn't use the ground in T2 either. I suggest using the pinout diagrams in Japanese manual. T7-a with T7-c (has the vehicle speed pin listed). Without the vehicle speed sensor connected the displayed speed was wrong.

Setting up the meter you need both English and Japanese manuals. The English one stops short after the tyre size setting - you have no hope getting it to work just using the English setting.
1. RPM setting - didn't touch it - what is this for? Anyone know what use it is?
2. Vehicle speed induction Output setting - what is this for - didn't do much.
3. Cylinder to C-4 works fine with 3rd pin in on ECU - gives correct rpm display
4. Speed pulse is P-4
5. Speed limiter is 180
6. tyre setting left at 100
7. SP2 setting to 108 - not even covered in english version! Won't work without it!

Stan got his early TT working just fine.

April 2003

by Peter Scott

Auto speed had the Apexi RSM on special, I had just been frustrated with the factory speed limit of 178km/hr at Phillip Island, so now was a good time to by one and see if it worked. Not tested yet.

From the Autospeed ad:

Click on the above to order one for your Soarer V8 - needs addtional box for TT and after 1994 V8

APEXi Rev/Speed Meter (series I)

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Our Price: Aust $ $198.00

Free delivery within
Australia for orders over $200!
Special Price! While they last.

The Rev/Speed Meter is a highly accurate measuring instrument that displays engine RPM, vehicle speed (in kilometres per hour), vehicle acceleration timing, and stopwatch functions. The RPM function has a peak hold capability that can indicate the highest RPM reached during operation. The vehicle acceleration timing function can accurately track 100m, 200m, and 400m elapsed times as well as 0-100km/h, 0-200km/h, and 0-300km/h elapsed times. The stopwatch function allows for a user-defined measurement of elapsed time.

Also defeats the 180kph speed cut in most Japanese import cars!

Additional Information

The unit also has 2 additional outputs to accommodate additional accessories that require a RPM signal and a vehicle speed signal. For example, a shift light, when properly installed with a relay, can be preset to light up at any specific RPM or when a specific vehicle speed is reached. Unlike conventional meters, the Rev/ Speed Meter can be calibrated to accommodate after-market wheels and tires. This feature is very important when a unit uses the vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit) speed sensor for a signal. A large LED display facilitates easy visibility while a built in light sensor adjusts brightness according to the ambient lighting conditions. The Rev/Speed Meter is compatible with any fuel-injected vehicle, although the installer must identify the vehicle speed signal and engine RPM signal wires at the vehicle's ECU.

The pdf file describing the application, functions, all the ECU pin diagrams etc in English is here:


For a pdf Adobe Acrobat reader go here:

The RSM will delimit the UZZ3# (ie the V8's) from 91-94.

94 V8 onwards needs Option

JZZ3#...needs the Option (so TT's need more than just RSM series 1)

Option is 430-A004 @ $55.00 order in, no stock of this part at the moment...You can order it through Email

We discussed this on the ALSC forum.

Download pdfs of all Apexi products - looks like even the fancy blue/silver RSM is now discontinued in the US.

In Japan the series 2 RSM is very pretty - but quite expensive.

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