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part IV - Pete's Pulley Puller, pulleys.

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June 2004

by Peter Scott

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Estimating Boost and Eaton pulley change
Supercharger Kit

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The standard pulley has 8 ribs - I wanted a 6 rib pulley to match my existing 6 rib serpentine belt. And I wanted to be able to fit a larger pulley if need be, or smaller - whatever would work best.

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There are lots or pulley available. The M90 pulleys fit the M112. After lot's of research I decided on the pulleyboys modular system. They were the best. Recessed screws, must accurate machining, best quality materials etc. Stainless steel hub - all the good bits I wanted.

They don't send overseas, luckily David Phan from Lextreme lives in the U.S. - he forwarded the pulley to me here in Australia.


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Couldn't rent a puller in Australia - so I bought one from the US. I like this one - it was the only one that split in two halves to support the pulley all the way around the edge - other pullers were U shaped at best.

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Never Seize graphite grease on the threads and time to pull the old pulley off.

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The bare shaft of the supercharger - ready to push a new pulley hub on.

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New hub pushed on - got very tight towards the end but it all went smoothly. A threaded rod screwed into the centre to the shaft is all that pulls the new hub on. It is recommended to use a brand new threaded rod everytime.

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New pulley installed. The plastic cap replaces the bolt as the bolt is for looks anyway - it dosn't do a thing.

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All done and looks great.

The puller worked a treat.  You can rent the puller from me.

Rent is $40
Postage and handling to you is $10
Deposit is $150 refunded upon return of the puller.
New threaded rod supplied for pushing on new pulley.
Email me if interested.
I recently rented the Puller to Brett Hoy in Queensland. Brett was changing the pulley on his supercharged 1UZ-FE Cobra replica and said the Puller worked a treat and the job only took 10 mins. Brett reckons he'll rent it again in the new year.