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Leather handbrake kit and shifter.

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February 2006
by Peter Scott

Click thumbnails for larger pics. (Twin turbo rubber gearshifts can be recovered in leather no problems at all, - see below for example).
A nice new looking wheel in leather looks even better if the handbrake and shifter match perfectly and look new as well. Here are some photos showing the leather colours of light grey, dark grey, and brown. Black leather and black suede also available. As with the steering wheel, the work on the handbrake handle, shifter and handbrake cover is professional and matches Original Equipment. More pics of the steering wheel here.

pack1.jpg This is the Soarer kit in brown leather. Celsior kit is cheaper as no handbrake kit needed.

Handbrake cover in leather $60
Handbrake grip recovered in leather $35
Shifter recovered in leather $50
Steering wheel recovered in leather $190
Total $ 335
Postage is approx. $11 for wheel ($34 international Air) and
$13 for handbrake handle ($30 international Air) or $30 for all 4 items
Comparisons of the brown colour to original can be seen here

gearshift.jpg This is a TT handle covered in leather. I asked for a custom job on this one. Just the one seam done down the front in smooth style stitching. That way it looks nice and smooth from the drivers seat. Two rows of original style baseball stitching also available just like the original. TT shifters end up fatter than Limited leather shifters when covered with leather - still look great.
handle.jpg This handbrake handle also done in smooth style stitching to match the custom shifter and the wheel - even though you don't see the stitching underneath the handbrake handle.

The quality of the work is exceptional.

both.jpg Covering the whole lot makes the interior look a million bucks. Notice how on this custom shifter there are no seams in the leather along the back of the shifter - I asked for this specifically on this job. The two rows of original baseball stitching down each edge on the front can be specified.
stock.jpg Old handbrake covers look tatty and worn shiny (they are vinyl).
pack1a.jpg I started with just the handbrake cover - that made the handle look old, when both replaced with new leather the shifter looked old! Now everything is nice and new and feels fabulous. Something to appreciate every day. One of the best upgrades for the Soarer. This pack has the grip, shifter and wheel in smooth style stitching - original style stitching also available.
handbrakecover1.jpg Brown,
light grey
and original spruce for comparison. Also available in dark grey and black. There is no exact match for the spruce, the greys come close and look fabulous and complement the centre console greys.
colours1.jpg Genuine spruce handbrake cover up top
Light grey then
Dark Grey
Black suede
and brown to the right
handbrakecover2.jpg Light grey handbrake cover in spruce car
handbrakecover3.jpg Original spruce cover, light grey cover in foreground.
handbrakecover4.jpg Handbrake covers side by side. Different lighting makes the colour appear different. Check the photos below with the steering wheel and colour swatches.
darkgrey3.jpg Dark grey leather sample on original spruce cover
darkgrey2.jpg Dark grey leather sample on light grey leather handbrake cover.
lightgrey2.jpg Light grey leather sample on original spruce cover.
baseball1.jpg Original Soarer "baseball" style stitching. The brown leather pack at the top of this page has been made with custom smooth style stitching instead of the original. Choice of original baseball or smooth style.
baseball2.jpg Original baseball style stitching.
steering1.jpg Light grey leather on spruce wheel. Notice how different day and different lighting makes the colours look different.
steering2.jpg Light grey leather on spruce wheel
lightgrey.jpg Another day and light grey leather sample on spruce wheel
darkgrey.jpg Same day as above photo - this time dark grey leather on spruce wheel. What matches the spruce interior the best? Your choice.
suede.jpg Black suede
colours2.jpg Light grey leather, dark grey leather and black suede on spruce horn pad.
darkgrey4.jpg Dark grey leather sample on spruce wheel
lightgrey3.jpg Light grey leather on spruce wheel. Neither the light grey or dark grey leather are a perfect match. The Brown is a close match - the other colours will still look great - but light or dark is your choice.
multicolour1.jpg multicolour2.jpg

Multi colour wheel with patterned leather costs around $10 extra.


iconwheel3.jpg (18127 bytes) Removing the steering wheel, shifter and handbrake

A few pics taken when I removed my gear for leather recovering.



Please email me at
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if you would like handbrake cover, grip, shifter or wheel re-trimmed in quality leather. I'll need to know:

1.which items you want (grip, cover, shifter, wheel), All 4 or just one item no problems.
2 which colour choice (brown, light grey, dark grey, black or black suede)
3. whether you want a core exchange ($200 refundable deposit) or if you will send me your items to be recovered.

For a changeover kit to work (I have one available at the moment) your wheel, shifter and handbrake grip need to be in good order - no worn or cracked plastic bits on shifter and grip, no bent steering wheels.

Postage and handling cost for the whole lot (all 4 items) is $30 (registered).
Refundable deposit on the 4 core exchange items needed before the stuff will be sent is $200. Refund will be by direct deposit or money order or PayPal when your items are received - your are responsible for postage or items to me (registered parcel post recommended).
Core exchange should be returned within 2 weeks - so please book your mechanic to do the swap over.

Original style stitching is not a problem on all items.
Steering wheel $190
Handbrake grip $35
Handbrake cover $60
Gearshift $50

Please email me to confirm availability of exchange items. Generally leather takes around 3 days to complete.

So in summary for the full 4 pack in leather
$335 for all 4 items
$30 postage
$200 refundable deposit

$565 in total with $200 refunded once I get your old items.

  1. colour you want (Brown, light grey, dark grey, black or black suede.
  2. stitching style - original baseball stitching or newer smooth style stitching.
  3. and if you want a new matching handbrake cover and gear shifter ( the shifter is probably best done in original style stitching? It is the same as the steering wheel but smaller stitches - think about if you want matching stitching for both wheel and shifter)

Click here to see pics of the steering wheel and the brown colour match.

I only have limited steering wheels, handbrake kits for Celsior and Soarer to changeover - most times it's easier to send me your wheel and I'll send it back within three days to five days.

Payment is by PayPal, direct deposit, or money order.

International orders by PayPal only.
Postage is usually around the $11 mark for the wheel only in Australia and $34 for the US airmail.

Postage for the handbrake handle is a bit dearer in Australia.




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