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August 2005

by Peter Scott

I like a clean shiny engine. It makes me feel good. Getting water in the plugs, getting a misfire, removing all the plugs etc is no fun at all. It's very easy to break a plug lead removing the plugs too :(
This is how I clean my engine in around 15 minutes and get no water in the plugs.

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This type of degreaser is far too harsh for black plastic around the engine bay. It attacks the plastic leaving it old, yellowish looking or covered in a chalky white film. Anything with a "corrosive warning 8" on it is bad news. Kerosene or WD-40 is all I use.

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WD-40 cleans and protects as I spray! CRC, RP-7 whatever, water dispersant in a can works a treat. I find the cheap cans of degreaser dry out the engine surfaces too much and I don't use them either.

The Lanoguard 3000 was new for me. Lanolin or sheep wool based product has terrific protective properties. But I didn't like it - it left everything sticky and gooey. I prefer to finish with a Silicon based spray to give the engine a nice shine right at the finish. CRC Silicon spray is my favourite. The lemon scented silicon spray I tried wasn't as good.

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Looks great already! Tempting to just leave it like it is. For stubborn areas I scrub with a paint brush or wipe with a rag. Once I have applied the WD-40 I spray it off with the hose - making sure the runoff doesn't get into the stormwater drains.

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I couldn't get tape to stick, plastic bags kept blowing away - so I ended up using some old towels to keep the water out. I adjusted the hose nozzle for a fine mist at high pressure to clean away the dirt. I have also cut a notch into the concrete driveway so that all runoff stays on site and soaks away rather than down the road gutter to the local creek. After the wash I like to quickly dry with an air compressor.

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I got this small cheap compressor for $80 from SupaCheap. Terrific for lots of things including blowing the engine dry in minutes. Makes the job a pleasure. Once dry I spray Silicon spray everywhere - it makes everything look like new and makes the next clean nice and easy.

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Underneath the covers for the spark plugs are strips of rubber designed to keep water out. I guess new spark plug leads would also keep water out. Perhaps with age the rubber lets water in. I like to remove the "V8 FOUR CAM 32" cover and give it a good clean separately to make the writing nice and white. Tire shine works a treat on rubber and plastic as well.

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Braided cables available from

Does the symmetry of the 1JZGTE lend itself to painting better than the 1UZ-FE?

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