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Photos from Dyno Day Adelaide 2005

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October 2005

by Peter Scott

See Soarer Dyno Library here.

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Dyno days are a great chance to catch up with mates. Unlike a cruise there is more time talking and less time driving.

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Sam and Colin drove from Whyalla - a 4 hour drive!

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Sam's 142.7 rear wheel kilowatt (rwkW) TT motor copped some dust on the way down

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Gary's 256.2 rwkW Twin Turbo (TT) gleamed.

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Peter Holzinger's 139.6 rwkW V8

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Daniel Burns and his 141.7 rwkW TT

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Clayton Webb got the Ice Coffees before his V8 pulled a 137.6 rwkW

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Greg Manson with his 181.5 rwkW TT

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Jeff Wilkins 160.1 rwkW TT

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Gary ham's it up with his new Flying Lion badge.

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Colin came down with Sam

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Alex's Lancer was in superb condition

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Ken Bruns with his 131 rwkW Celsior

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Gary points out the finer points of TT tuning.

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Soarer Central's Peter Nitschke with his 149.7 rwkW V8

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Peter Jobber, 137.8 rwkW V8

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My 180 rwkW V8

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Craigs 139.7 rwkW V8

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Peter Scott's 1UZ-FE V8 Soarer

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Gary Morris - Twin Turbo 1JZGTE




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