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Tuesday 6th August 2002.

EMV translation, repairs, diagnostics, error codes and English button stickers thanks to:

Harry Lemmens   George Kyling   Steve Cheetham   Jeff Harper    Barry Anderson

You can talk to all these guys on the friendly  Australian Lexus Soarer Club (ALSC) Forum

See you there.


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EMV Translation Manual PDF (45 kB)

At last!

Translations for all those Japanese instructions that come up on the dash - all the audio screens, the MAP screens, the fuel graphs, the calendar, memos - the whole lot! This is GOLD!

George Kyling must have spent hours going through all the screens, translating them and then making all these neat diagrams. You'll need to Adobe reader (free) to read the file - it's only 44kB - real small.

So if you have an EMV screen email George at  and say thanks - I'm sure he'll appreciate it.


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EMV Backlight Repair Manual PDF (405 kB)

Over one hundred hours here for us to enjoy. If your screen backlight doesn't work then Harry Lemmens has prduced a step by step guide to fix it - you'll have to be skilled to do it, if you don't like pulling things apart and soldering in parts then perhaps you can get someone to fix it for you -Photos, text, parts list - everything you need.

Steve Cheetham's diagnostic translation page
EMV Diagnostic Translation Webpage

Once you have the basics sorted out you'll want to understand the diagnostic screens you can call up. This is where Steve Cheetham  comes in (check out his site for more great stuff, including the factory wheel alignment settings) - he spent hours translating all the diagnostic screens and putting them on the web for mere mortals like you and I to enjoy. Use this link to adjust things on your car. eg speedo, date, fuel gauge, and look for problems.


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Error Codes Translations PDF (101 kB)

Got an error code from your Soarer - you may find it translated here.

Jeff Harper has translated the error codes

English Language button stickers page
EMV English Button Stickers Webpage

Want some of English Button stickers? Barry has them for only $21 - bargain!

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