English stickers for EMV Buttons

update Aug 2011

Button stickers are still available - contact Dave at lindave24@bigpond.com


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Friday 22nd March 2002.

I fitted these little stickers that go over the Japanese buttons around the EMV screen. I was reluctant at first - my concerns were how would they look, how would they last, what about at night when the buttons light up, would they just look like tacky stickers etc. But I was over in Melbourne and seeing Barry Anderson anyway so what the hell -for $20 can't go wrong might as well give it a go.

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I wiped the buttons with a damp(soapy water) sponge, then the stickers can be moved around while you place them. Putting them on was real easy - do it outside during daylight so you can see better. They are a good quality thin plastic stickers pre cut to fit the appropriate button.

Anyway I was pleasantly surprised - I really like them now and it is so much better.

At night the light shines through the sticker so you still know where the buttons are.

You can memorise the functions of the buttons but it is hard to beat the stickers. No more nieces saying "how come it's in Japanese?" either! The car looks so much more complete now with the stickers, once you've had them it would be hard to go back. I had my doubts at first but now I am a convert.

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Visit the ALSC site and click on Merchandise to see more pics

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