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March 2006
by Peter Scott stickers - $5 for a pair delivered to your door ($6 international post) stickers are produced professionally using a photo-quality 150-linescreen process. (not the “grainy” or "pixelated" 70-linescreen process). stickers are printed on premium-grade white vinyl stock for added strength and durability. Then they are printed using light-fast inks with a UV-resistant varnish to protect the stickers from fading. stickers will look just as great years from now as they do today – without the bubbling, fading, peeling or cracking that you may get with an inferior product.

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Stickers are 51 mm x 76 mm (2 inches by 3 inches)

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I trimmed this sticker with scissors across the top to remove the top black bit reducing the height of the sticker. The stickers don't come trimmed. They arrive as photograped in the first picture (2"x3")

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To order your stickers email
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Include your:

1. contact name,
2. address
3. preferred method of payment (direct deposit, paypal, money order)

Stickers are ready to go and will be posted immediately upon confirmation of payment.

best regards

Peter Scott



planetsoarer2sm.gif (4874 bytes)