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August 2006, by Peter Scott

Science Experiment: Can a Soarer Diehard shirt increase sex appeal?

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Test subject:                  Justin "Juzza" Hughes
Profession:                     Singer/song writer, Professional Television Editor, Race Car Driver
Favourite Food/Drink: Pasta/ Coopers Pale Ale

Aim: To determine if a Planet Soarer Diehard Motorsport shirt can increase sex appeal.

Method: Wear shirt and measure sex appeal in unbiased situations.


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The Bambi Twins like the shirt

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Tumbs up for Soarer Diehard

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The Bassinetti sisters

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"Ahhhh Soarer Diehard..." exclaimed the sisters

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Regular Adelaide girls.

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Everyone's a winner.

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Yeah baby

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Juzza drinks both kinds of beer, VB and Coopers.

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Nerves before the tattoo...

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It hurts!...

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Brave Juzza pulls thru - "It didn't really hurt at all" said Juzza and the girls laughed.......

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Even the ambulance girl couldn't resist

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Neil Griffiths, Soarer Guru, ( and Rob Hayden, Founder ALSC (Australian Lexus Soarer Club), get ready for a big night.

Conclusion: Yes, a Diehard motorsport shirt can increase appeal (well it won't hurt........).