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Soarer and Celsior 108km/hr cruise limit removal

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April 2006
by Peter Scott

A long time ago Steve Cheetham posted on the web how to remove the Soarer cruise control 108 km/hr limit. Here it is:

Soarer cruise limit removal

Tools: 10mm socket with an extension bar (about 200mm ), constant velocity joint and a torch.

The unit is located above the drivers feet above the pedals, it is a black box about 5 inches across.  It is held in place with two 10mm bolts, remove these and the wiring plug and then the unit should come out.  The wiring plug has a small clip on it you need to push this in to remove the plug.

 Once you have the unit out remove the metal bracket.  The circuit board is held in by 4 plastic clips you can see these and should be able to figure them out if you have got this far.  Then the board will just slide out.

To remove the limit you need to you need to put a wire across jumper j300 this is shown in the picture below  the jumper is circled in red.

Now just put it all back together and put it back in the car and cruise at whatever speed you like.

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Celsior cruise limit removal

Rich emailed me telling me that snipping the J1 jumper on the Celsior cruise box   removed the 108 km/hr limit. This was the first I had heard it done and was pretty keen to do it to my Celsior too. Here's how I fumbled through it on my own Celsior.

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The carpet can stay where it is - the bottom panel can come out - three screws and I pulled it forward and out.

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A single 10 mm bolt holds the cruise control box in place.

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The only bolt holding the box.

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The speed control box out.

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Earth cable removed ( I nearly forgot to re-attach it!)

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Out slides the board of mystery.

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There's the J1 jumper Rich told me about.

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Ah hah! Even I can tell where the J1 jumper is.

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Being an artist I used scissors to cut it. I was going to use the soldering iron but ahhhhhh - scissors were closer.

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Tools of the trade.

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Sure enough cruise now worked above 108 km/hr - ahhh the joy!!





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