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Soarer Air Conditioner Pollen filter clean / change

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March 2006
by Peter Scott

One of the first things new Soarer owners do is change the filters in the air conditioner.  Or at least take them out, shake out the bugs, dirt, fluff and other bits, give them a wash, a rinse, dry in the sun and put back in. For sensitive or fussy types it makes sense to replace the filters to maximise flow and pollen removal. As for most Soarer bits ring James Sloane (toll free 1800 111 388) at Castle Hill Toyota . The cost is $45 each (there are two filters). Next day express post anywhere in Australia is $6.80. I prefer postage over driving to a parts counter, parking, waiting, and driving home.

Taking the filters out and putting them back in is easy the second time. The first time? Well hopefully the pics below will save a bit of time.

filter1.jpg The panel under the glove box is held in by two plastic tree plugs, once these are removed the panel pulls out  - it is held by clips to the bottom edge of the glove box panel.


filter2.jpg Under the panel is the white plastic cover holding the filters in place. Four wing nuts hold it in place. Different model Soarers have a different number of nuts - some have two, mine has four.


filter3.jpg The two filters exposed - note the position of the small tabs on the bottom of the filters.


filter4.jpg I grabbed the first one and pulled it out - it is hinged for easy removal.


filter6.jpg Once the first filter panel is out of the way - I slide the second one out.


filter5.jpg All the way out.


filter7.jpg And remove that one too.


filter8.jpg The filter panels removed. the tabs at the bottom of each filter line up with the two grooves in the rubber holder.





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