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Terry Dean's Wedding

(yes - the guy that makes Soarer V8 Headers !)

Friday 18th October 2002

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Regent Theatre Collins Street Melbourne, before the Reception Terry got a bunch of photos on this street. That's Adam walking to his car - he is a movie star or TV actor  - he is also taller than Tom Cruise. He has starred opposite Lisa M'Cune in Marshal's Law - he kept us entertained all day with his inside secrets of the TV business! The first CD in his stacker is also the Planet Soarer V8 audio madness (with some guest TT appearences - yawn!). Adam just keeps making me laugh - he is one funny guy, after the wedding at the wood fired hot stone pizza place I nearly spat out my Terraki Chicken pizza laughing at his funny stories!

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Terry and I before the big day - that's my car top right, then Rob's, we are in front of Adam's, that's Steve's in the foreground and Terry's to the right, Bob's car is out of frame. Terry had an Orthodox wedding - goes on for 3-4 days! This was day 1 - the Friday. Terry made the you beaut headers for my exhaust - they're great! Typical for a V8 driver Terry is always cool, in control and exudes that calm charisma.

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During a quiet moment Steve went back to his twin turbo car - I used my new 6X optical zoom to grab this shot - apparently he would go off and listen to track 1 CD 1 of the Planet Soarer twin CD set - track one of course is 7.5 mins of V8 Soarer Mountain blasting! Luckily Steve noticed that the white ribbons were scratching the bonnet - Rob had some black race tape in the boot so we had to tape the bonnets under the ribbon to stop the paint getting scratched. Steve also makes the only Australian Design Rule Approved Stainless Steel brake hoses for the Soarer. Typical for a TT driver Steve is popular at parties, lives fast, has lots of friends and is great in a fight.

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Rob's Car - somehow Rob ended up with all the bridesmaids on the hour trip from Geelong to Melbourne !! I don't know how he does it! It might be because Rob's car is the most stunning in the flesh - easily one of the best condition Soarers I have seen - paint is to die for. One of the bridesmaids had to do a quick strip in the backseat so the others could do a running repair on the dress! He hasn't stopped talking about it!

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Rob giving his Soarer a polish before the big day - what a shine! Rob's car has been under cover it's whole life - never spent a whole day or night outside! And it revs to 7500 rpm smooth as a turbine thanks to Mr MiNes (ECU).

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The first Flagship UZZ32 Active Soarer at a wedding ! What a great looking car! :) See that front wheel cap? I lost the bloody thing coming back to Adelaide - between Apollo Bay and Tailem bend - some 400 km of country road - so if you see it let me know! They are full custom caps - can't buy them, can't replace them - so now I'll have to buy a full set - the genuine BBS caps were flogged in Japan so the owner made these custom ones from a parts bin.

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Behind the limo is Adam, Bob, Rob and Terry. Bob was the brains of the group - he's retired now but always had the answers for us "Young Guns".

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A man and his Soarer. This is the only shot I got of the bride! Pretty hopeless I know, - but let's face it this is a Soarer site! - all my pics were of cars. This is Terry beside his car, Suze drove Terry's car on the day. After the day the Soarer drivers went to South Melbourne for a big feed and a couple of ice cold beers. This time I went for Cascade Premium - made in Tasmania - one of the worlds best beers.