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Frequently Asked Questions and search for everything Soarer related.

December 2004

by Peter Scott

There has been so much information published on the internet about the Toyota Soarer, Lexus SC400, Lexus SC300 that there isn't much that isn't out there. Below are some suggest links to get started. Happy searching!


Soarer Central Daily News

Soarer Central Search

Soarer Central Topics

ALSC Archive - all the old stuff saved for you to look at.

Search the old ALSC Archive  - lots of information.

The Classic Steven Janda FAQ: (Australia)

Richard Baird's Soarer FAQ (Australia)


Toyota Import Forum FAQ (UK)

In the UK I like the Toyota Imports Forum or TIF:
They have a great faults and fixes section, and a handy search function, sure you have to log in but if you want help, people are more willing to help you if you put the effort in – so join and log in.


Rich Wangs FAQ (USA)

In the USA Club Lexus have a great forum:
This link also goes to the SC section, the Soarer is sold in the USA as a left hand drive Lexus SC400. Again use the search button first – if you just ask a question that has been asked before then people just past the search link! People will help you out no worries – you just have to put the effort in and search first etc, help yourself and people will help you.

Another great site is in the USA:
If it’s a 1UZ-FE V8 question this is the place to go – check out the forum and all the tech articles – heaps to look at.
Again if you are doing stuff to your Soarer then yes let me know – I am interested! Have you ever considered submitting information to be hosted on It doesn’t have to be fancy – I mean check out the petrol smell page – very short. - has some ideas to get your started.


planetsoarer2sm.gif (4874 bytes)