Barry Anderson
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Wind/rain deflectors for the Soarer at $110 ex Melbourne.
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1. no fitting kit needed, they attach via double sided tape on to the brightwork
 of a 31/32 and onto the blackwork of other Soarers, it is easy , even I can do it!
2.the Toyota is 'engraved' in thin white letters(they are Chinese so not likely genuine Toyota.
3. Have not looked into the postage in other cities they are ex Melbourne prices.
4. I had stocks, they are now sold out in 1 day but can get them in to the country in
   5 days after confirmed payment 
6.....yes they are rare in Oz
7. that is the price for a pair........
I wanted them because of the problem with water off the screen getting into the door switches.
 It didn't matter if the wipers were off the water would eventually drip down if the drivers
 window was down slightly and I like to drive with the window down slightly. Problem solved.