Thursday 11th April 2002

Lexus 4.0l Quad cam 32 valve all alloy, twin Garrett turbos,twin 70mm throttle bodies

No further information available - yet!

Monday 22nd April 2002

I emailed Paul Gillis from the Australian Cobra Car Owners Club Register. Not only does he drive a V8 Soarer, he twin turboed a 1UZ-FE for his Cobra! Note the twin throttle body conversion, manual trans and custom computer. Not intercooled. Some good shots of the caps and rotors. Here's what he had to say:

I have attached a few pictures of the engine and build.

The car is still under development - money being the main restriction! When

funds are available I plan on fitting a fairly large bar & plate intercooler and

upgrade the turbos to a pair of Garret T28 ball bearing items. At the moment I am

running a pair of T25's which deliver great low down torque but tend to run out of

puff at around 5500 rpm. Chiptorque mapped the engine to run extremely fat to

overcome the possibility of detonation without intercooling although water/methanol

injection helps.

As a result there is huge potential for more gains. Currently the car is

pulling 220kw at the wheels with 520ft/lb of torque.

The car has won some reasonable awards recently for show & shine -

First 2001 Cobra Nationals, 1st overall, Best paint, 2nd engine bay at

Automania on the Downs, Best paint & 2nd overall Automania Cleveland, 1st & best paint

2002 Qld Cobra titles.

By the way, I drive a Lexus SC400 Limited for every day use - great car!

Paul got all the work done on his car by

Venom Custom Fabrications

Slacks Creek Queensland

Contact Scott Hansan

phone (07) 3208 3224

 fax (07) 3208 8550

Tuesday 2nd July 2002



Here's a top supercharge installation:


Mohammed Chowdhurry (ClubLexus, GS400), pushed over 2 bar into a 1UZ with stock head gaskets, 700hp, 12s quarter mile, $60 000 US spent.


In US there is a twin turbo kit for the SC400. Don't know about price or availability:

The MechTech Motorsports home page is:

I emailed MechTech, here's the reply - looks like a few people emailed them the same sort of time as me as this was addressed to 5 people:

Thank you for your inquiry.  We have Twin Turbo charged (2) SC400's, a couple years back. (you can reference the turbo mag article on our web site).  The systems worked great.  We do not  however tool or jig the system.  It is custom 1-off install.  The cost is approx: $14,500-$15,000.  We are considering going into manufacturing so we can produce a kit.  I estimate the Kit cost at about $8900-$9500 complete.  Please call us for further details. 760-432-0555 Best Regards   Jim McFarland