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Friday 12 July 2002

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Twin turbo intercooled 1UZ-FE V8 in a TA22 Celica. See more photos:

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Dyno from July 2002 - Jamie's TT not fully tuned yet, timing and boost control to come. 245kW (328hp) at the wheels with safe 0.8 bar (11.6 psi)  boost. Standard heads refitted for this run - ported heads will be re-fitted later.

1 bar = 14.5 psi

0.75 bar = 10.9 psi

0.5 bar = 7.25 psi


SOARER DieHard asks Jamie the tough questions :)

Where did you get the motor and how much?

Motor came from Andrew Vibert, EKW in Melb. It was complete with wiring and gearbox for $1200 - he actually had a special on them that month, I think they are back up to $1900 now, I actually purchased 2 complete packages.

What condition was it in?

The condition was excellent, pulled it down for inspection and it looked like the bores hadn't even done 10k -  everything was spotless even had original red Toyota coolant in the motor.

Any mods to the motor?

Yep, ported the heads - much like the chapter in 21st Century Performance by Julian Edgar - very similar gains

in cfm. Also deshrouded them a little around the exhaust valve to help drop the compression ratio a touch, so hence we actually got a little better flow on the exhaust side from what the book figures.

Standard injectors?

Yes running the standard injectors to keep the fuelling nice in the Naturally Aspirated range, but they are maxed out at 4000 rpm and 0.6 bar (8.7 psi)  boost at the moment - a large 1000cc injector fires over the top of these.

Are you firing the injectors two at a time like the original ECU does?

No just a multipoint set up this is one of the down sides would really like sequential but cost was too prohibitive.

Did you have to rewire the injectors?

Yes, fully rewired to suit the Haltech

Crank angle sensor - how did you get around that?

Same sensor's but one of the cam triggers for the home signal had to be relocated, notice the dizzy's of the end of the cams are gone and individual coil packs are run all through a Haltech 1G5

Are you using the standard knock sensors?

No, sensors are still there but haven't got to wiring them in yet as Haltech doesn't have an option for them. I am hoping that there new computer will have this option.

What about the temp sensors?

Temp sensor for the ECU is a Haltech, cabin gauge reads right off the original lexus sensor.

How much were the exhaust manifolds?

I did the exhaust manifolds - so no cost except time and materials! I used some stainless 304 marine grade tube and mandrel bends.

Take long to make?

About 12hrs work - and this was with the trial fitting. Actually I thought this was one of the easy parts of the conversion - getting the 2.5"and single 1" dumps to fit was the bloody hard part!

How long will they last?

They should be fine for the life of the engine.

Will they sag if get to hot?

No, no sag as stainless has a lot better properties than mild steel, but I also have support braced the turbos back to the block just as a precaution.

What computer to run it?

Haltech f9 8a for fuel. Haltech 1g5 for ignition


Waiting for a clutch to turn up before I can finish the dyno power runs as existing clutch is slipping when coming into the peak torque point of around 4500rpm. Currently running a ceramic single plate custom clutch as large as will fit in the bellhousing and at about 1600lb but the new one that is turning up is a different ceramic centre and also a different pressure plate with around 2400lb clamping force as the other one is still very light under foot so raising the clamping force a bit should all help also contact area is increased marginally by about 8%.

What gearbox?

Gearbox is a w58 and should be alright considering it's only pushing 1000kg car and that's weighed on scales. (Castlemaine Rod Shop for any bellhousing for 1UZ-FE for any gearbox - see list)

What did you do with old motor and turbos?

Still got the old style Toyota V8 and small turbos - not sure what to do with it, maybe I'll sell it as haven't any real need for it any more.

Great price on the motor - what are you going to do with two transmissions?

One motor/transmission is going in a '32 Rod and the other we are working on converting it to full electronic manual control.

(this has already been done in SA - MV Automatics in Blackwood SA, 1 Stirling Rd Blackwood 5051 (08) 8370-0430  - see Auto trans page - ed )

Fuel pump - what type, how much?

Fuel pump is a Bosch motor sport k-tronic pump -  jeeza's can't remember the exact model numbers of the top of my head but is meant to be good for approx 680hp.

Does it always run full bore? (Soarer has an ECU with 9 volt and 12 volt switching to control pump speed).

Yeah it does always run flat out, that would be nice to have a 9volt option

Ported the heads:Who did it?

Me and a mate who has a super flow bench - he does it more as a hobby than anything.

How much?

For me it was nothing - I just trade him favours, but if someone wanted a set done it would be around the $1800 - $2000 mark. Don't hold me to that figure my mate just looked at our time and roughly did a calc to get that figure.

Flow testing numbers?

Yes, as above they were checked on a super flow bench but my mate will not let the figures out. They did come up near enough exactly the same as the 21st Century book figures for the inlet and a tad better on the exhaust - probably due to a little more deshrouding we did around the exhaust valve to lower the comp ratio.

How long to do porting?

I think from memory, disassembling the heads of the valves and springs, to being ported & put back together a full 4-5 days work.

Did you have to re-shim the cams (valve job?)

No, just relapped the valves into the original seats and checked the shim tolerance - they were all spot on :)

How well did the inlet manifold match the head ports?

Actually poorly, the inlet manifold probably becomes slightly restrictive as it meets the ports on the heads, so this was also matched.

How did the inlet manifold appear for flow from visual inspection?

After the match porting very good, couldn't see the bottom half being a problem -   the only thing is the top half for outright power could get a plenum volume increase, but all in all they are pretty good I reckon anyway.

How do the heads appear in stock form - porting worth it?

Yeah, I reckon on a NA motor porting would be well worth it - good gains to be had in this area.

Do you know the compression ratio now?

Yep compression is exactly 8.9 : 1

Toyota plain bearing CT26 turbos: How much?

About $400 - $500 each approx at the wreckers or privately.

What car are they from?

There are several different versions of the ct26 of various models but mine are off the 7mgte motors.

Did you have to recondition them?

No I was slack in this department and just wanted to see how they go.

How is boost controlled?

Turbo smart boost valve controls the boost although I have the facility on the Haltech F9-8A - haven't implemented it yet.

You coming to the ALSC Dyno Shootout in Jan 2003?

With bells on mate! :)

Time in Jamie's shed is currently:

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