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Reversing Lights, transmission lights.

August 2004

by Peter Scott

My transmission has always had an annoying problem. The reversing lights wouldn't come on. And that means no reversing camera and no image on the TV of what's behind the car. How could I show off my reversing camera? How could I impress young nieces by pulling faces into the camera that come up on the TV to their delightful giggles? Something had to be done, and quick. 3 years later it's done. No more on again off again camera. On the dash the little "D" and "R" wouldn't always come up - the little red lights on the gear selector panel wouldn't always light up as well. Obviously the switch was a bit cruddy.

I got myself a second hand switch body and pulled it apart to see if it could be fixed.

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This is the unit - it bolts to the side of the transmission - drivers side in RHD cars.

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It screwed apart easily - I cleaned the copper contacts - switched the copper blades around for more even wear and screwed it back together.

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