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Thursday 7th March 2002.

The following are screenshots from the Soarer parts 5 cd set. Exploded diagrams of every single part, part numbers, and cross references. No specifications, no service intervals, no explanations, no advice - it is no workshop manual. But it is great for locating parts in the car, seeing how things go together, comparing parts between different models and variations, and locating the exact part you want yourself and ordering the exact part with the exact part number from Toyota.

The 5 CD's are for every Toyota Japan model from 1991 to 2000.  Also included is the Aristo, Supra, Sera, Land Cruiser, Celsior, Camry, Avalon, Corolla etc etc. Input a frame number and out pops the exact type of car, build date, model number and only the parts suitable for that exact car.

How can I get my own set?

Best place would be to check the LSOC forum - ask if anyone can send you a set. Costs about 20 from England with instructions. May get it in Australia for around $30. Ask nicely, tell them were you live and post your frame number (it's on the firewall).

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