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Lyndhurst Eclipse in a Soarer

    Wednesday December 4th 2002

australia.gif (9882 bytes)Ahh yes the Eclipse - sounded good, Tim and Clym were going to ceduna in a hot WRX and I was invited. They were leaving on the Monday - no good for me - I had a presentation to the Master Builders Association on the Tuesday. The air-cond on the Soarer had packed it in again, it was booked in at Highgate for a fix - looked like a leaking hose. Packed the car on the Monday night all ready to go. Picked the car up ready to go but the compressor was stuffed - need to get another one - this took the wind out of my sails - didn't want to drive across the Outback with no air-cond - and the latest weather report was clouds - a long way to go to not see the eclipse!

So I rang Tim and told him I was out.

Meanwhile Linton knew I was going and had managed to get a couple of days off - Linton works at the weather buerau as a hydrological hydradynamical engineering meteorologist and assured me that Lyndhurst would be clear no sweat. Tim rang back and told me it wasn't that hot so don't sweat the air-cond. Linton rang me and encouraged me to go so what the heck - Lyndhurst was closer and we could get there in a day easy. So it was back on.

Wednesday Linton turns up at 5:15am on his red postie bike, I'm ready to go - so we take the car into Adelaide so that Linton can leave instructions to workmates which basically read "see you in 2 days". The night shift weather boys are full of encourgement - "better bring your own dub rub and a spade" - means there will be no toilets and "It'll will be bumper to bumper traffic". So we head off - leave Adelaide about 6.30 am. Getting to Lyndhurst is easy - just follow the road North until the bitumen turns to dirt and your there.

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That's me (Peter Scott)

And Linton


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Bumper to bumper traffic? - Er no.....





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The thriving metropolis of Lyndhurst

6 hours non stop from Adelaide and your there.

That one pub on the right and servo on the left is everything.



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Turn right into the main street - all these cars and the tent on the rigtht - just for us tourists.



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Linton thought the Soarer a smooth and comfortable drive - the Active suspension on normal is very comfortable for long trips.



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The mighty Strzelecki Track - not too many Soarers, let alone UZZ32's, have been for a blast down this track - A couple of miles down here to get to the four day eclipse dance festival on the right.








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Wasn't that hard to get a campsite - just head off the road and find a piece of outback to yourself - we like the view from here so this is where we camped - well not camped so much as stumbled back in the dark fully beered up looking for somewhere to fall over. When I'm blasting on long trips out of town I fit the stone shield - unfortunately it has the genuine prettyboy Lexus "L" emobossed on the front - I hope no-one thought I was trying to make my Toyota Soarer look like a Lexus just to impress people!







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Plenty of toilets on the left - semitrailer full of them  - no need to bring your own dub rub! That little verandah on the right was just about the only shade in the whole place - so we sat there for 6 hours drinking Coopers and talking bullshit.


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Steve on the left, Dan on the right saying "Let me finish my cheese n tomoto sandwich before you take that photo!" - sorry Dan! Both from UK



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Shanani (film studies lecturer UK) and Ollie (book publisher UK) - very interesting people. Maybe I'll see them again at the Cairns eclipse







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Waiting for the big post eclipse bbq



dancefestival.jpg (8525 bytes) All the exciting types stayed for a week at the dance festival - a bunch of tents in the middle of no where

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I sort of made fun of the eclipse the whole way there, you know the usual "just shut your eyes for 30 seconds and save the trip blah blah blah" - but when it actually happens, and all those people around gasp, cheer and clap - and you see it for real - well, things change - it really is quite special. Now I understand why people chase the eclipse and travel to see them. I'm a convert now - see at the next one in Cairns in 8 or 9 years, if you see a beaten up old Soarer it might well just be me in my Active - I'm going!


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Linton don't need no stinkin' tent - he just puts a swag on the ground. I fitted the stock wheels for this trip. The car was great as usual - no worries.

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Local car wreckers - people searching for a good spot - everywhere was a good spot.


These aren't my photos but they are at Lyndhurst


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Well this one isn't - it was taken at Woomera- this is what is looks like in real life - a very fine ring - quite breath taking.