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Engine and Transmission Mounts

October 2003

by Peter Scott

I still remember clearly thinking that common Soarer bush failure wouldn't happen to me - but it did - just like every other Soarer. Then I heard about top radiator tank failure and it happened to me. Then I heard that all Soarers had stuffed transmission mounts and engine mounts, and you guessed it happened to me.

Sure as anything every Soarer that has done 100 - 120 000 kms (60-80 000 miles) will have stuffed bushes, a top radiator tank ready to crack and stuffed engine and transmission mounts.

My exhaust started hitting the body of the car when powering around left hand corners. Lifting the bonnet, putting the car in Drive, blipping the throttle hard a couple of times I was able to get the engine to twist and lift up  - it was rotating too much for sure. Here is what the old bushes looked like:

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The big round ones at the top are the engine mounts - see how the plates had just about sheared off? And below the trans mount has failed completely - the plate has come off. The whole engine and trans was just sitting there on rubber and not held down. Yes this is a bad thing!

Same thing had just happened to Aaron - here is his nice new trans mount:

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I forgot to get a nice pic of the new engine mounts - if you get some please take a photo for me! If it doesn't appear here then I still need one.


Part numbers:

G/Box Mount Soarer 12371-50030     List price $121+ gst
Engine mount UZZ3 123-50110            List price $165 + gst

James Sloane at Castle Hill Toyota New South Wales Australia can probably get you a better price just ring him on 02 9680 2233.

I tend to get all my parts from James because he's fast, has more in stock, knows UZZ32's and can send me the parts cheaper to my door than driving down to Adelaide.

New mounts mean car is quieter - less noise gets to cabin - no clunking or thumping. Get that new car tight feeling back again. Put it on your service list.

All up mounts will cost around $450 - plus fitting which will be 1.5 to 2 hours. So again you'll need to budget around $550 to get job done.





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