Soarer Intake and Exhaust Acceleration - Results

Friday 28th September 2001


So this is the time it took for my big heavy car (1880 kg = 4145 lb) to accelerate up a slight hill in 2nd gear.

The first thing I noticed is how the times fluctuated.

Also the times increased the more runs I did.

This is probably because of heat soak (manifold and air intake pipes absorbing heat and then heating up incoming air) and the air inside the engine bay getting hot and entering the engine.

After each run, I stopped long enough to record the time and then drove back to the start point and try again.

The car didn't have time to cool down between each run.

So even the extra heat from 3-5 runs effected the car and slowed it down.

So a pod filter would suffer terribly unless you made a sealed heat shield for it.

It's always a good trick to get rid of the high and low values and average the rest. Once you do that a pattern emerges.

If you would like to get a real rough estimate of rear wheel horsepower you can try the following


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