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JZZ30 Twin Turbo Upgrade path

Sunday 27th October 2002

words and pics by Emanuel Spinola

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136 kW at wheels:
Stock Factory Manual TT with 68000Kms

157 kW at wheels

Mandrel Mild steel 3" dump off cast Y piece to 3" ss flex and hi-flow cat to 2 X 2.5 inch resonators and 2.5 inch double offset Stainless Lukeys + TRD Panel filter $1200 Tuffy Mufflers Camperdown + $ 120 Penrith Toyota

163 kW

Apexi S-AFC fitted and Dyno Tuned $350 for used S-AFC and $150 for tuning at Croydon Racing Developments

186 kW

Hybrid Garrett GT28 BB core/Steel HKS Exhaust and Compressor wheels/modified & machined Toyota CT12A housings + Premier Twin dump pipe + twin 2.5" exhaust and 2 X 2.5" hi-flow cats to existing 2.5" resonators and exhaust
$450 for twin dumps from Premier Exhaust + $600 for Cats and exhaust from Tuffy Camperdown + $??? From GCG Turbos

193 kW

As above but tuned and with new actuators that hold boost

199 kW

630x300x75 Front Mount Intercooler with 3" inlet/2.5" outlet + Mandrel Stainless Steel pipework and Silicon hoses
$750 Dash Performance

Boost has been limited to 0.95 bar (14psi) for all runs measured at the intake manifold and controlled by a HKS EVC Pro boost controller which has an accurate inbuilt 3 bar boost gauge.