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Sunday 18th August 2002.

So much SOARER (SC Coupe) stuff out there, so little time! Here is an alphabetical list of all the good stuff  I have found on the web and I reckon is worth a read. Stuff from the ALSC, LSOC, Steve Cheetham, AutoSpeed, Bill Lewis, Harry Lemmens, Rand May and others. The web address is visible for each link so you can see where it came from.

This is the best of the best. - Enjoy!


Air Cond diagnostics

Australian SOARER cost $150 000 (1993)


Autospeed - selected articles part 1


Centre console removal

Chassis numbers and colour list

Conversion unit software

Cruise control delimeter

Dash fix

Dash fix

Dash warnings

Dash warnings

Dash warnings

Door trim removal

EMV diagnostic screens

Extended warranties - no way!

Extended warranties - no way!


HID lighting tutorial

Japanese wiring words (typical)

Lexus links (US)

Lexus SC history

Money conversion

Old ALSC newsgroups

Old ALSC newsgroups 1

Old ALSC newsgroups 2

Old ALSC newsgroups 3

Old ALSC newsgroups 4

Old ALSC newsgroups 5

Radio expander installation

Review - 3 litre Soarer

Review - Active Sus. Soarer

Review - modified TT Soarer

Review - TT Soarer auto and manual

Review - V8 Soarer

Review - VVTi Soarer

Soarer data file

Soarer  Drag Car (SC400)

Soarer FAQ

Soarer production dates

Toyota genuine technical papers

Toyota Soarer production history

Twin turbo replacement

Twin Turbo Site

V8 cambelt change

Western Australia ALSC

Wheel alignment settings



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